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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

inpatient rehabThe addiction treatment option that is statistically the most successful is in patient addiction treatment. This form of treatment, also called residential rehabilitation, is unique among addiction treatment styles because of its immersive approach. Every other type of treatment available is touch and go, meaning the recovering addict spends some of their time in treatment and the rest of their time among the world. Inpatient addiction treatment takes the approach that addiction is totally consuming, therefore the most logical way to combat it is through treatment that is totally consuming. Inpatient addiction treatment requires the recovering addict to live on site and be monitored around the clock, being completely contained in an environment that promotes mental and physical health. This option is the best for people who are struggling with a severe addiction.

Inpatient treatment gives each client the opportunity to go through a complete detox, if it was a substance they were addicted to. This restores their physical health to them through a medically supervised process that gets them mentally clear enough to receive treatment. The inpatient model of treatment ensures that no outside influences will trigger the recovering addict, causing them to relapse. Instead, they are kept in a safe, contained environment where they can focus on their mental health through workbook exercises, readings, counseling sessions, group therapy and healthy recreation. Their meals are prepared for them and opportunities to get exercise are given to them. They encounter no experiences other than healthy opportunities to grow and counsel.

Even once the treatment program is finished, the inpatient rehab program offers the recovering addict the opportunity to stay active in their recovery by attending support group sessions, receiving sponsorship and committing to ongoing counseling. It is the policy of most inpatient rehabs to follow up with clients and check on their progress. Not everyone who is struggling with addiction needs as concentrated of a treatment model as inpatient rehabilitation, but it has been proven to be the most effective way of eradicating addiction problems in significant cases of addiction. Seek the services of an inpatient addiction treatment facility if addiction is ruining your life.

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